Targut Marketing

Do what makes U happy!


Advertising with no internet presence is the equivalent of putting a business card in wine bottle, and tossing it in the ocean!

The modern consumer is tech-savvy, utilizing smart phones, laptops, and tablets as a source of primary communication, to conduct business, and for personal transactions. Today the phrase “just Google it” has replaced the once common household encyclopedia collection.

For many of us, the many technological advancements seem to happen literally overnight, and can be a bit overwhelming to keep up with. Today, businesses are forced to find new ways to reach potential target markets. 

Here at Targut Marketing, our mission is to encourage business entrepreneurship through the establishment of successful small businesses. We know everyone has dreams and ambitions, but not everyone has a job they truly love. You deserve to be happy in this life. We encourage you to do what makes U happy! Start and keep your business on the competitive edge with Targut Marketing!

Targut Marketing is a sector of the parent company, Targut Marketing LLC. Targut Marketing is a HUB zone certified woman-owned small business. We also accept procurement bid contracts through local, state, as well as federal agencies. We are listed with SAM. For more information, or to have us listed as a vendor, please contact us.